10 Months

It’s been 10 months since I last published a post on this blog. I’d considered closing it down, removing it from the internet. Not for any particular reason other than that maybe my fire had gone out. Understand, I was really quite happy (and am still, in other areas of my life). I’ve been really busy in a good way. And I felt less need to make change. But I kept this blog, live and on the internet.

There are so many things that I’ve written for it that I value. And of course I continue to believe in the worth of women. Yet I had stopped believing for awhile that continuing to strive for change was necessary. Things seemed so good!

With the recent election came a wake up call. Are some people so desperate that a woman wouldn’t run the US that they elected someone with no political experience and plenty of major flaws? Or maybe that has nothing to do with it. I’ve been busy doing other things important to me but some of those will take a temporary sideline so I can do some work for change. Writing doesn’t always feel* like the most practical work, however if it gives good people hope then it finds its value there.

I’ll write again.


*feelings are not facts!

Lily Ledbetter and Equal Pay

I was just on Obama’s campaign site and watched this video. It’s about Lily Ledbetter’s taking a stand when she found out that for 17 years she was paid less than men who did not have her qualifications, and who did the same job…

What that says to me is that women are mistakenly seen as inherently less qualified. How can anyone turn such a blind eye to skills and qualifications, to experience and wisdom? Prejudice seems to be the reason. What is the solution?

Personally, if I am in a managerial position, I will hire more women. I’ll look at the qualifications each candidate has and assess accordingly. Confidence during interview is not a fair way to assess… given the history of inequality which does not sway in women’s favor.

On the other side of the coin, I’ve heard from friends (and experienced first-hand) that some women already employed by an organization tend to behave in a cruel and undermining way toward new female employees. It seems all too obvious that fear drives this behavior. Older employees are fearful of losing their jobs to someone younger, so they try assert their dominance and control. There is nothing to be gained from this. It’s not the way to keep a job, and I think young women will start standing up to this sort of pressure.

However, we’re still at a disadvantage; having less experience and less credibility due to being newly employed makes young women vulnerable to age discrimination, from old to young. Please look at your own behavior; rise above this fear and support young women, understanding or remembering how difficult it is to make a start in a new job even without pressure and ‘backstabbing’ to contend with.

Feel free to post your own solutions here. How can the job market and playing field for women be evened-out? What can You do?

I’m feeling good about speaking up.

Affirmation for today

Write this on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket, or wallet, or on the dashboard of your car, the edge of your computer screen at work, your mirror:

“I am happy with myself exactly the way I am. I love myself.”

Repeat this mantra constantly. If you have to, “fake it ’til you make it!” If you don’t feel the statement right now, say it anyway. Say it with me:

“I am happy with myself exactly the way I am. I love myself.”

One more time! I’m feeling good because…..

“I am happy with myself exactly the way I am. I love myself.”