See Your Awesome

I just read a beautiful article I would love to share with you:

Written by a mother of three, she addresses how to help children build a positive body image. As with most things, it starts from within. After reading the article, what positive heart characteristics can you list about yourself?

5 things I know are good about me:

Creative, Resilient, Compassionate, Considerate, Intelligent


Practice makes… Happier!

Just a thought, next time you give another person a compliment, make sure you don’t insult yourself right afterwards.

example: “I love that dress on you! I’m too short to wear dresses like that…”

I’m not the only person I’ve noticed doing this, and it’s especially common among women. It seems to make us feel bad for the person who is giving us a compliment. If not that, then we start comparing ourselves to that person. It’s often image-based. Let’s continue to move away from image-obsession and toward loving our true selves.

I’m all in favor of supporting other people without comparing myself to them.

I’m feeling good about- feeling good about myself!