Or should I say, ‘At Last!’ I finally got back in to my account.

(Who, you are wondering, are you?)

So, about 10 years ago (I think) I started this blog as a way to transform my frustration and fury about injustice toward women into productive approaches, positive action, ideas about how to make things work in a way that would be good for people.

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It began following a conversation with a friend on what I thought was a really negative, destructive, unproductive way that some people were responding to sexism toward women. I won’t go into what that was; it suffices to say I wanted to promote positive alternatives to both sexism and to those sorts of misguided responses.

And now, since the last time I posted, the United States has elected our first female vice president, many people are beginning to stand up against sexual assault and other forms of injustice in ways that the system recognizes (i.e. lawsuits), transgender individuals are beginning to be recognized and advocated for more than ever, and not least of all, numerous non-toxic sustainable options are becoming available for menstrual care. This is truly a beautiful and powerful time to be a woman. While I don’t plan to complete my journey here, my intention when I set out to begin this blog was to create a ripple of positive energy, a culture of people who feel good about feminism.

I am proud to say that whether or not this had anything to do with my writing, there is now a groundswell of uplifting, highly visible, intentional, activist-feminists continuously working for positive change. I feel so much more surrounded by good energy and positive momentum than I did just a decade ago. I have hope, and I want to thank you for being part of that. Whether you participate actively working to change things for the good, or if you read blogs and tweets such as mine that strive to put an encouraging voice out there, thank you. Keep doing it. It’s helping.

There are many encouraging voices now, and I look forward to continuing to amplify them. ❤ 

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