I believe there is a dangerous trend going on right now. “Us vs. Them” is all about fear. Twitter is rife with hostility and antagonism, pitting men and women against one another…. and telling people to “STFU” if they hold different views than you do… it’s not helpful to anyone’s agenda.

I’m not going to tell you not to feel angry. Anyone who feels angry has a right to; it doesn’t depend on whether it’s justified, because feelings just ARE. And then they pass.

What I’m saying here is let’s not get carried away on this current of negativity. WHO WANTS TO JOIN A MOVEMENT THAT’S MIRED IN GLOOM???


No one, I’m sure. I’m having fun with standing up for myself. You can make it your own; you can laugh, you can cry, you can make really good points as long as you say them out loud, and you can even stay angry if you want to. I’m sure there are a lot of women who have anger they’ve held onto a long time that’s waiting to be transformed. I know I have, and am having a successful transformation. I’m also sure that talking about negativity and all the stuff we dislike about how people are treated is NOT talking about solutions and peace and the joy we’d like to welcome into our lives.

I want 100 comments- ok let me clarify that- ONE HUNDRED RESPECTFUL SINCERE COMMENTS about something GOOD you would like to welcome into your life.

Retweet this post like wildfire until I have 100 comments. Please. Thank you. #IncreasetheGood


4 thoughts on “Unify

  1. I would like to welcome into my life a new freedom from the fear that if I say something that someone disagrees with, they’ll be angry and our relationship will be damaged. I would like to welcome more trust that my relationships are strong and flexible enough to accommodate opinions that may sometimes differ. We can listen to one another and respect each other even when our ideas are not identical.

    • Thank you so much, C.D., for sharing what you’re welcoming into your life. 🙂 Such wonderful intentions! I’m grateful to you for commenting.

  2. Very insightful and thought provoking! I’m in the middle of a transformation myself. It ain’t pretty. It’s downright ugly, digging into the core of my being. I asked for this, not expecting the ensuing storm of emotions and mental upheaval. But this is ok. I see a similar transformation happening in the world at large. This must continue as I must continue. There is no defined and definite ending to transformation like setting a goal, accomplishing it, and crossing it off a list that is usually long and tedious. Transformation must continue because we, as a people, continue thrive through the generations, learning and caring for each other. The process begins with the mirror. Looking at the relationships we have with ourselves, with those closest to us, and with those we consider strangers. We connect and affect each other more than we realize. I’m saying “we” and meaning “me” as well.

    Honest communication, being vulnerable, acknowledging mistakes and taking responsibility for actions, be open to change, looking deeply at fears, laugh, cry, forgive, love… This is a list that is endless and repetitive. And there is more, always more. I want to be the best that I can be. I would want that for everyone.

    • Hear hear!! I love how you said that the process begins with the mirror. I’m just about to post about a similar sentiment.

      Much support, encouragement and soulfulness to you in your own transformation. I am so grateful to you for the vulnerability and strength you show in commenting on my post and all the thought you put into it. Thank you. It takes a lot of love for self to do the inner work we’re doing, doesn’t it!

      We do all affect one another more than we realize. Wishing you the very very best!!! Come back often! 🙂

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