Disco Triathlon!

One of my best friends (nicknamed ‘Disco’) is running a triathlon in support of ‘Girls on the Run‘, a Chicago-located non-profit. She describes the program as “an amazing program that provides elementary and middle school girls with healthy, positive afterschool running programs.” I am so proud of her and want to do what I can to help.

I am thrilled to be aiding a program dedicated to furthering the success of young women by way of supporting the efforts of a young woman with a practical goal. It’s a beautiful thing to see women band together to accomplish positive goals!

Please donate to her cause 🙂

The funds she raises will pay scholarships for girls who cannot otherwise afford to pay for the program. The donation page also states:

Chicago has made a commitment to ensure that at least 50% of their participants are from Chicagoland’s most underserved, low-income communities. This year Girls on the Run – Chicago will award more than $700,000 in scholarships and subsidies, and next year they are hoping to award nearly $900,000. Thank you in advance for your generous support!

Activities such as running, biking, and playing team sports promote intellectual and physical development, as well as enhancing confidence and social skills. Young women need to learn these skills in order to be prepared to succeed in life. Making use of such opportunities can often depend on what is available in a given locality and what these young women’s families are financially capable of providing.

You are awesome. I’m feeling good about supporting the future of this country~ in the form of its young women’s success!


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