Where Have You Been??

Where have I been, you ask?

Well, I’ve been focusing my attention on my spirituality and on learning to love myself. I’m finding that the best way to change the world, as well as my perception of it, is to focus on the positive things. It would seem that I had been doing that all along through writing this blog, wouldn’t it? And yet, while my original goal was to promote good things women are doing and positive things being done for women, I ended up mired in so much negativity; negative things being done to women and by women. I could not continue to focus on those issues and be happy and true to myself. I became angry and found it difficult not to lash out at those around me. I was constantly on the defensive. That’s not a side of myself that I wish to encourage.

Rather, I am nourishing the loving side. The past few months have seen much growth as a person and individual. If you follow my spiritual blog: http://goddesslightning.wordpress.com/ you may see that I am still thinking and still writing. I still promote the best possible actions and thoughts regarding women. Personally I have had to take a strong stance on making it my top priority to heal my body and spirit. I believe that this healing is possible for all of us, and I encourage you to seek a path of healing for yourself. If the first way you choose does not benefit you, try another. Keep trying to heal and eventually you will.

A commitment to love is all that is required by most great movements. I’m turning more of my attention and energy toward healing the Earth in every possible way (water, air, living beings, picking up trash). The rest of my energy is spent making art, and building confidence. (hmm, the part I wrote next apparently didn’t post. Sorry, email-followers!)

So I may continue to post here occasionally, and I may re-blog posts from my spiritual blog, if they pertain to positivity about women.

Keep spreading positive energy and tolerance!


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