Natural Woman

Katie Stelmanis is a female musician creating incredible feminist music. How is it feminist? Her lyrics expand the range of themes female music artists typically discuss within songs. On ‘Believe Me’, she asserts herself (listen to it!), and the video for ‘Natural Woman’ expands on the original song in such a beautiful way, not only for transgendered individuals, but for anyone whose gender is boundary-defying.

I found out about Katie’s music because of an article I was reading* which decried the sexism and anti-female attitudes now being found within the industrial music scene. The article spoke positively of Katie’s work, however, saying that maybe there is an underground saving grace for industrial music (fitting, considering the underground nature industrial music once embodied). I would classify her work as ‘awesome’, for it is in the ‘awesome’ music genre. As for ‘industrial’, I’m not so sure that classification fits, but I’ll let you decide for yourself whether you like it. Believe me, I do:

As for violent industrial music, I am #notbuyingit and I mean that. Literally. I’m trashing old stuff and not buying new. I will not wear an old t-shirt for a band who spreads violent messages because that is free advertising for them, for violence.

I’m feeling good about standing against violent messages, and feeling Awesome about women expressing our human interests through music.

*(no link provided, due to the violent and sexual imagery included with the article.

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