Love, and Strength

This may be the third post I’ve written in one day (I love the scheduling feature on WordPress…) on the topic of ‘love’. I read this article by Jeff Jarvis, featuring Amanda Palmer, and it got me thinking about writing this post. Yes, this very one you’re reading!

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about love and the reality of it, and how to pass it on effectively. Many of us know that to keep something, one must give it away. It’s like teaching; you learn what you don’t know by attempting to teach a student, and you also learn what you do know, and remember it more clearly for recalling and practicing it. The same works with love; the more we practice it, the stronger the love we have in us becomes.

Love does not mean allowing ourselves to be trampled. After all,

When you love someone, you treat them well” -Tippi Hedren

This relates to feeling good about feminism because supporting and promoting women’s rights has nothing to do with hating men, and naturally has nothing to do with allowing women to be treated poorly. There’s something for everyone to feel good about! Men can be loved, and women can be treated well, all with successful accomplishment of equal rights, opportunities, and freedoms for women.

Love means standing up for ourselves in the face of injustice, with compassion and understanding while explaining to those who do not yet understand our position, for one day we do want them to be our allies and must by necessity treat them well today.

Like attracts like, so show love and respect to those whom you wish to have love and respect from.

I’m feeling good about love, and strength.


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