Yes We Can, Yes We Did, Yes We Will.

Congratulations. We did it. We made our voices heard.

The future of this country perpetually includes recognizing and validating the concerns of women, during elections and beyond. Now is our time to continue to make our concerns known, to stand up for our rights whenever we need to, and to learn constantly about the facts.

Reactions and responses to this election, by women

Women’s concerns will always hold a prominent place in American politics, because we will continue to advance in our careers, to be multifaceted human beings interested in the state of the world, and to take excellent care of our spiritual, mental and physical health.

Next election, this ‘record’ number will be left behind in the dust by an even higher number:

Record Number of Women Run in 2012 Election

And it is up to all of us to check that the women we elect support women’s rights. It is up to those of us who are politically-minded to consider stepping up to a higher position, whatever the struggle may be. Struggle achieves growth, and we are uniquely poised to grow for the good of all. We have decades of reasons to work hard, to advance, to achieve. We have the motivation it takes to make the world better.

I’m feeling so good about women’s rights, supported by the majority of U.S. citizens!! Go us!!!


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