I am Not a Victim

Sitting and waiting for a terrific storm, fearful and unprepared, is like waiting for something bad to happen to you without seeking ways to protect yourself.

The storm which is moving up the East Coast of the U.S. as we speak gave just enough warning for some of us to prepare; whether that means leaving to stay with relatives further inland; or buying batteries, food, water, and fixing up the basement so you can sleep in the safest part of the house.

What I can’t understand is not preparing at all- sitting and waiting and fearing. Quoting the numbers of people who’ve died, or that this storm is supposed to be bigger than ‘the Perfect Storm;’ how does that help?

As a powerful woman, I know I can do things for myself in everyday life to prepare for the hazards of the world. I can…

  • Take a self-defense class (or two, or three) to have a basic clue of how to fight back if I was assaulted, and some confidence in my ability to do so, to decrease fear.
  • Avoid unnecessary risks: I park in well-lit areas and go with friends if I’m going somewhere at night. I call someone to let them know I’m on my way home. I don’t buy gasoline at night if I can help it.
  • I cultivate in myself a positive attitude of optimism, because my thoughts create my reality. What people focus on is what they tend to draw toward them. Currently I’m focusing on respect, light, blessings, and honesty.
  • If my instincts tell me someone’s behavior is ‘off’, I do not owe them anything. I do not have to respond to their inquiry for directions, nor their request for friendship, nor their offer of a job. I do owe it to myself to listen to these instincts I have, designed by Nature to keep me safe.
  • I give myself positive messages about ME, so I don’t have to rely on someone else for them. After all, other people have their own desires and motivations. Why give someone else the power to tell me how to feel about myself? That’s dangerous, and I don’t accept it. I provide my own positive self-esteem.

“I am not a victim. I deserve love and respect, and I have them from myself. I treat myself well. I am strong, capable, and prepared to meet the world on it’s own terms.”

Last year’s Halloween snow.

I’m feeling good about lovingly preparing myself for life’s storms.


5 thoughts on “I am Not a Victim

  1. That bit about not relying on others for your positive thoughts about yourself, that’s FANTASTIC!! I hope I’ll be able to remember that and share it with all the women and girls in my life. 🙂

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