Excellently stated. I could not have written this better myself, and therefore I give you hecatedemeter’s rendition of the framing of the issue of women’s reproductive rights. Of course it’s good this came up in the debate, and of course it’s good to support women’s rights. Women are worthy enough to be supported simply because *we* matter. There need be no other reason to uphold our autonomy and power over our decisions.

I’m feeling good about being worthy.


I appreciate good framing and I understand what President Obama and Atrios are doing when they explain that giving women access to family planning information and other forms of birth control and abortion (see what I did there?) implicates economic interests and the interests of men and children (aka “families,” which, oddly, in America don’t appear to include the women and their children who are not attached to men), as well as women’s rights.

And, Obama and Atrios are right.

And, it pisses me right off.

First, of course access to, for example, free/cheap/effective, and safe birth control (including abortion; see what I did there?) has important economic ramifications for women and those who love them/have their lives entangled with them (aka, pretty much everyone).

Being able to control how (if any) many children she has and when she has them can make a gigantic economic impact upon a woman’s…

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