Female-Moderated VP Debate

Did anyone watch the Vice Presidential debate moderated by Martha Raddatz?

I began to, though politics is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I watched as much as I could, which was until they got into talking about Medicare and the camera on Biden was wiggling and cutting off half of his face. Does anyone else smell a rat?? That looks like a planned filmography tactic designed to decrease his credibility. In film, that makes it seem like he’s ‘all over the place’, and cutting faces in half makes the person appear to be lying and dangerous. Psychology of film, but actually pretty obvious.

Anyway, I took notes.

The very beginning of my notes is as follows:

Female Correspondent Martha Raddatz. ‘well respected hard-nosed reporter.’
Also, the host is female. She is entertaining.
One commentator said Romney was lying. ‘He would have been disqualified if playing sports and using steroids; lying was his steroids.’
‘Biden is a formidable politician. Ryan would have to stretch to agree with Romney.’
‘Will the moderator’s instincts take over when she knows an answer is not quite right?’ (a question which was asked)

Any comments? Things you noticed in the debate? Differences from how other moderators have done it? Words spoken about women? How did those words affect you?

It makes me wonder whether commentators asked whether previous moderators ‘instincts would take over’ when they knew an answer was not right. Why wouldn’t hers?

I appreciate the fact that not everyone feels about politics the way I do. Personally, I feel that women’s rights, freedoms, and progress-forward hinge on Obama’s reelection. I hope that women everywhere will vote for moving forward.

I’m feeling good about doing the best I can for feminism, even if it means a little politics.


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