“Looking tired? Try joie de vivre.” reblog from Hexebart’s Well

YES YES YES!!!! Sing it, sister!!
Hexebart’s Well, official site for writer Kim Wilkins, shares words of wisdom on looking ‘perfect’: “We, in turn, are loved in 3D, not for how photogenic we are…. Live, for chrissake. That’s beautiful.”
Read her words, they are straight to the point and beautiful!
Mary Beard, professor of classics at Cambridge University, says:
“And what is beauty after all? Is it someone who is Botoxed to the eyeballs, or someone who feels beautiful under their own skin?”

Scholarly: Mary pictured in Herculaneum, presenting for one of her BBC shows

“The real point is not what I look like, but what I do. And the response from most viewers to my programmes is that I present interesting, absorbing and enjoyable ones.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2134146/Too-ugly-TV-No-Im-brainy-men-fear-clever-women.html#ixzz23QUe8Rkh

Hexebart's Well

While driving past a clinic in Albion last week, I saw a sign out front that read “Looking tired? Try botox.” I can’t begin to enumerate how many things are wrong with this kind of shit, but let’s start with: why pay some shyster hundreds of dollars to inject muscle- and nerve-paralysing toxins in your face just because you’re looking like you’ve lived a little? An appearance of beauty has little to do with smooth skin, and much more to do with vivacity, passion, exultation of spirit.

When I was in England, I watched a fabulous show about Rome hosted by this awesome woman on my right. Her name is Mary Beard, and she’s a professor of classics at Cambridge university, and she’s full of life and light and intelligence and fun. And yet, some limp-dick TV critic  had a crack at her for being “too ugly for TV”. Professor…

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