MissRepresentation Call to Action

Here’s a really cool opportunity!! Want support from a major social campaign for your own “not buying it” feminist mission? Read on, my friend…

“A few months ago, 14 year-old Julia Bluhm was just like any other teenage girl in the United States. She enjoyed hanging out with her friends, going to ballet practice and reading the occasional fashion magazine. Yet when Julia decided that the photoshopped images of women in those magazines weren’t representing her and her friends well enough, she took a simple action that made her a nationally known and successful teen activist.

Julia’s Change.org petition, which asked Seventeen magazine to print one unphotoshopped image a month, turned an industry on its head. After over 80,000 citizens signed it, not only did Seventeen publicly state that they will no longer digitally alter the faces or bodies of the models, but Julia’s work inspired our Keep It Real challenge – a 3-day international social media campaign that engaged millions in calling out the magazine industry’s false beauty standards.

What Julia proved is the power of the individual consumer to create change.

Now we want you to be your town’s Julia Bluhm. What needs to change for women in your community? Have you seen local media that borders on sexism, that is overly demeaning or sexualizing of women? Start a campaign today and let the media know you’re #NotBuyingIt! You can use Change.org to launch your petition like Julia, or just utilize Facebook and Twitter to get the word out.

This August, as part of our Weekly Action push to Get Involved, we will select one of your #NotBuyingIt campaigns to support in a big way. Whether it’s to take down a billboard in North Dakota or boycot a TV show shot in Hawaii, we’ll put MissRepresentation.org‘s growing virtual community behind your call-to-action and dramatically increase its chances of victory. Most importantly, we’ll raise awareness across the country  – not to mention the world – for an issue you care deeply about!

Make sure you’ve signed up for our Weekly Action Alerts before next Friday, when we’ll begin sending you a step-by-step guide to organizing your very own #NotBuyingIt campaign.

Together we’ll create a wave of small media victories for women and girls across the country!


Jennifer Siebel Newsom & The MissRepresentation.org Team”
I’m feeling really good about good representation.

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