Daisy owns Smash!, the “premier punk and alternative music and clothing store” in DC. I have loved this store since my introduction to it in 2003, and have been planning to blog about it for quite some time.

“Smash! specializes in punk, indie and alternative rock and roll CD’s, LP’s and 7″s as well as Vintage and Indie Designer fashions. In the summer of 2006 we closed our longstanding location in Georgetown, but have since relocated to Adams Morgan. Visit us at 2314 18th St NW (2nd Floor), Washington DC 20009.”

Though there is a lot more stock in the store itself, she also has an Etsy:

I’ve purchased screw-on spikes and blue hair dye, a lace dress, a very-70s vintage vinyl jacket… and more. This store really is a gem; for those who like punk, or simply for those who get a kick out of vintage, or who seek out unique urban charm.

I’ve met Daisy several times, and in addition to being a cool and savvy business owner, she’s a kind and helpful person. I always admire female business owners, because in the cutthroat world of retail, it takes great courage to run a business you believe in. It also takes a knowledge of your market, of finances, and of people skills. Also, as evidenced by the album write-ups on the website (link under ‘smash’), she knows a lot about music and punk culture, too.

I’m feeling good about women who own and run successful businesses.


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