How am I doing?

I have been writing Feeling Good About Feminism for nearly a year. What better time to reflect on my mission and ask for feedback?

I have had consistent feedback from people who enjoy FGAF. Thank you all so much! Your support is wonderful, and I hope my efforts to reach back and support your work have been fruitful and positive.

My mission is to generate positive thought and action in regard to women, women’s rights, respect and equal treatment for women. My blog statement is

“discussing culturally relevant issues in order to promote positive thinking about women; by women, men, and future generations”

The ‘more ways to feel good’ page connected to this blog states

“My mission is to move individual attitudes toward the tolerant and loving side of the spectrum. Dissipating anger, correcting misunderstandings, and educating those who are in the dark on these issues is crucial to promoting a world where women can feel safe.”

  • In general, I aim to promote positivity toward women without generating negativity toward men, or anyone. I aim to unite people who support respect as a way of life, and inspire new followers of this way of life.
  • I also put effort into writing concisely (so you don’t get bored), clearly (so you understand what I’m talking about), and colorfully (so it’s fun to read this blog).
  • I try to incorporate polls, pictures, involvement from my audience, and multimedia posts.

Regarding my mission and methods, how am I doing?

Are you feeling good about Feeling Good About Feminism?


5 thoughts on “How am I doing?

  1. You have a great blog! That is not helpful feedback… lol, well consider me a follower now. Reading back the last couple of months, it occurs to me how hard it’s been for me lately to see relationships from your perspective. Lately I’ve just been angry, hung up on the toxic aspects of how people who do not or will not understand and respect each other (mis)behave. On how hopeless it seems for a self-respecting woman to get along with /anyone/, without becoming tetchy or irritable or full of rage… becoming Not Herself as punishment for the crime of just trying to Be Herself.

    Well, my struggle is personal and not permanent. Your blog is refreshing because it reminds me at once that I’m not alone, and that I’m not under attack from all sides. Your approach is victory without being sucked unwillingly onto the battlefield. I really like it.

    • Thank you so much! It is helpful, definitely. 🙂

      I will let you in on what may or may not be a little secret, I started this blog out of frustration for being told over and over again that I was ‘angry’ and ‘crazy’ any time I stood up for myself and for other women in social situations. I started writing here because when I heard of the ‘slutwalks’ I worried that women were being set-up by men, to become ‘sluts’ in order to defend our freedom of self-expression. I felt as if the middle ground I longed for did not exist, of EXACTLY what you said “On how hopeless it seems for a self-respecting woman to get along with /anyone/, without becoming tetchy or irritable or full of rage… becoming Not Herself as punishment for the crime of just trying to Be Herself.”

      And while your struggle is not permanent (with the work so many of us are doing to encourage respect), and personal, it is also common to every woman and is important. I’m so glad you commented.

      I have been practicing (nearly a whole year now!) writing in a positive way, keeping an even keel for my blog presence, and working on coming up with unifying solutions and language that do not deny my mission. It really is a challenge (one I’m enjoying) and is greatly helping to develop my voice. It’s also helping me to surround myself with positive people who are also working on their interpersonal interactions. Would you like to write a guest blog entry? 🙂 send me an email if so!

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