Place: Gas station

Time: Today. 5pm.

Temperature: Stifling, hot.

Characters: Me, a Woman, a Man

Action: The woman is nearly done pumping gas, the man walks over to her. I exit my car, to begin pumping gas. He asks the woman quickly, with an accent ‘Do you know how to get to (Road) from here?’ She mumbles, um, uhh, uhh, looking side to side as if nervous and looking for a way out. I say ‘Oh, you want to know how to get to (Road) from here?’ She nods as if now she understands, and he nods as well. I ask if he knows how to get to a particular road which adjoins the one he wishes to reach, he says no. She begins to explain how to get there, as I fan myself hoping the heat will break.

Reflection: Sometimes I get nervous when a man approaches me and I am traveling alone, because how many stories have I heard about abductions?? Tons. I reached out a hand to another female traveler who seemed to be in a position I have been in, of nervousness and uncertainty. So doing, I also reached out to the man who was looking for directions (and how often have we heard that it proves difficult for anyone to ask for directions?). She is no longer a ‘female traveling alone’ because I have made my presence known to both.

We are not alone in this world, and that is for a reason; to help one another. What can I do today to help another human being?

What can I do today to make the world safer for women?


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