No is a complete sentence

No is a complete sentence.

via No is a complete sentence.


5 thoughts on “No is a complete sentence

  1. Reblogged this on belljargirl and commented:
    Thanks to Feeling Good About Feminism for bringing this to my attention. I don’t really regret things, as we learn from everything we do and grow from the mistakes we make, but the things I am closest to regretting are those that happened because I felt like (as a woman) I couldn’t say no.

    Which is very contradictory to some of the earliest feminism and women’s studies I encountered which talked about how women’s power lies in rejection. I can’t remember or find who said this, but some feminist theorist did.

    If this is a power we can claim, for now we should. I should!

    • Awesome philosophy!! I agree with you completely that life is about learning, not perfection.

      I had to practice saying ‘no’. I really did, for years. I even told people I was practicing. And now I’m getting good at it. One of the most dangerous things in life is not to know the exact edges of one’s limits and not to be able to say no. And it takes time to learn that, so patience is necessary.

      When you find out who said that or where it is written, please share 🙂 Every movement has stirrings and beginnings, and those are valuable to see. I would expect it to be about resilience, for that is certainly a quality of women.

      Claim your power, I know you can do it 🙂

      • Practicing saying no seems a great idea!
        I will definitely share when I find out who said it. I keep mentioning it but I can’t find it. I think I need to dig out all my feminism essays 😛

    • Yes it is!!! Thank you so much for your post. Its simple power impressed me so much, I had to share it. This is one lesson which has had such a great impact on my life in recent years! 🙂 You rock.

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