MissRepresentation Encouragement of the Week!

I love when I have a new MissRepresentation email in my inbox. Jennifer Siebel Newsom does a fantastic job of raising awareness of myriad aspects of women’s lives, and does so in such a clear, concise, non-judgmental, supportive and enlivening way. Thank you, Jennifer Siebel Newsom!! You are doing so much good in this world!

“Whether it’s writing a blog about their inspiring accomplishments or just pointing out their talents at the office or the dinner table, we want to publicly acknowledge at least one woman around us for what makes her special and unique, beyond her appearance. Women are often denied the encouragement and accolades that men receive for their accomplishments and their ability to lead. And without that recognition and support, women and girls won’t develop the confidence they need to succeed.

So let’s not only look for the positives in women and girls this week, but let’s publicly recognize and share those qualities with as many people as possible. This is a way to encourage women’s success and inspire the next generation of girls to follow suit!”

It would be great if *women and men* (and all otherly-identified) take this action.

I am feeling *fantastic* about supporting and encouraging other women!!!


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