Women in Comic Book Movies

I have been preparing a post about female warriors, so to precede it I am sharing this LivLuna article I read today on female comic book heroines in film. Read the article!


She writes:

“Comic book movies have had an interesting relationship with women. There are plenty that have civilian damsels in distress that need to be rescued by the male heroes”

She also mentions the propensity for filmmakers to stereotype women, to barely clothe them, and not to create films based on a female lead without their male counterpart (as the assumption is that women cannot carry a film through to good box office sales). The most interesting thing she mentions is that those films that have been made with a female lead role (Catwoman, SuperGirl, Elektra) have had a loose, lame plot as if the writers did not have faith that it would succeed.

Rather than concede defeat in seeing films with female superheroes, I personally would like to see independent filmmakers alter this trend. I would like to see Hollywood do the same, of course. Write movies based upon a female hero, stories without a single ‘damsel in distress’ character. Write them so that they’re not half-naked, skin-tight, sex & guns caricatures. Write so that she has a personality, a life, a mind.

I would identify with a character whose goals in life are to travel, to learn, to protect others from harm and danger. If she had magical powers, so much the better. If she’s strong like Batman, with cool gadgets, that would be awesome.

I’m feeling good about making a place for heroic females in film!


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