Collective Shout against LFL

First, they objectify us, then, they refuse to pay us, then, they don’t provide us with adequate safety-gear…. What am I talking about?  The LFL. World’s worst idea of ‘entertainment’ yet.

Read what freedomfrompornculture wrote about this insanity. The below is a quote from Collective Shout, ‘a grassroots campaigning movement against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls in media, advertising and popular culture’.

“The LFL “True Fantasy Football” requires female players to wear lingerie while playing a modified version of US NFL football. Players are contractually obliged to accept ‘accidental nudity’ as part of the game. They are forbidden to wear ‘additional garments’ underneath their lingerie which would prevent such occurrences and are fined $500 if they do.

The women are not paid, or are paid very poorly. Players have been threatened with legal action by the LFL for complaining or enquiring about health coverage and wages. Unlike male US NFL players, limited safety equipment is worn to ensure maximum exposure of the women’s bodies. The chairman of the NFL, Mitch Mortazza, has repeatedly emphasised injuries experienced by female players when promoting the ‘sport.’”

Just to emphasize the inequality of women and men in sport, this comes at a time when measures are being taken to minimize the impact of head trauma (concussions) on male football players, yet these female football players are playing the same sport using a small fraction of the padding and protective equipment that men have been using all along.

Not to mention that these women are athletes, yet they are not taken seriously as athletes. This does damage to any serious female athlete psychologically, as well as to her credibility.

The worst part, in my opinion, is that on a large scale, accepted by the government and (for two years) by the general public, they are selling tickets to a show of sexualized and objectified women’s bodies. Sexual exploitation has been fought against and prohibited in various forums for the past century, and yet here it is. Legal. Reinforcing sexism and men’s sense of entitlement to women’s bodies (visually as well as physically). This makes me sick. I can’t hide it. When standing up for women’s psyches, being anything less than what I am would be damaging.

Women need to be safe, respected, PAID equal with men in any profession, and we need to NOT be objectified. I will oppose this ridiculous farce as long as it takes to see it END.


You can sign the petition to prevent the LFL from coming to Australia:

It already exists in the United States (since 2009…), with team names like “fantasy”, “temptation” and “bliss”. How can you help stop this crap? Most importantly:

DO NOT BUY TICKETS OR MERCHANDISE. When you speak about the LFL to others: STAND FIRM. This is Not ok. People may rationalize that it’s “not so bad” because this culture tells us to ignore that we’re being lied to by marketing about how damaging what they’re marketing to us actually is (their goal is never to promote anyone’s psychological well-being unless they make money by doing so.)

Flood the LFL’s inboxes with your own words about how this disrespectful demeaning “sport” show hurts you. Emails for LFL:




Support:  (the anti-support, that is)


I’m feeling good about… anything but LFL. I do feel good that other Women (and probably men, too) are standing AGAINST this. Please continue to do so.


8 thoughts on “Collective Shout against LFL

  1. Someone brought up a good point, really the worst part is that women are perpetuating this problem by playing for this league. Now, that is not meant (by me) as an attack on them. This is a call to action and change.

  2. The reason that the LFL is around and doing fine is simple: sex sells. The women may be objectified, but they do put themselves in that position, they made a choice to sell their athletic ability in lingerie, objectifying themselves. And isn’t that what feminism is all about? Choice. (Though, I shocked that they are prevented from wearing anything under the garments to prevent exposure, that’s really sick.)
    I don’t know the statistics on injury in the LFL, and all precaution SHOULD be taken to prevent or minimize any type of injury.
    As for the payment, it sucks that they aren’t making much, but no one playing in a minor league gets paid well.
    What this shows more than anything is that there are female athletes that want to play the game, and as of now, their ONLY outlet to do so is one in which they have to play almost nude. That’s the sad thing, in my opinion.

    • The fact that ‘sex sells a product’ does not justify the fact that LFL exists. Women’s participation does not make LFL wholesome or psychologically healthy. I do not hold the position that ‘women are victims, and always right’, and wish to make that abundantly clear. Choice is part of feminism, but not the Only thing that feminism is about. Women can make choices that do not support other women.

      I am working to encourage women to make healthy choices which respect our bodies and minds, and the bodies and minds of others.

      Thanks for commenting, Dro.

  3. Fantastically said!! and Dro maybe read what she wrote again, it’s funny how people gloss over and read what they want. to clarify, as for choice, these women clearly don’t have much, some clearly state they would prefer clothes but this is the only opportunity they have. as for being paid little in minor leagues, this is not a minor league! this is a highly publicised and televised event equating to professional male football league. unless you want to really talk about minor league, for in minor league football in Australia there are some brilliant female footy players, they don’t get the promotions or television coverage, they are the under paid ones, or not paid, who do it because they love it – wearing clothes. The statistics on injuries – I can tell you the statistcs of their lack of physcial protection in what is promoted as a full on contact sport. anyway, read on LFL all the facts are there, This is in no way good for the women involved or the women and girls of our society, including on our sporting fields. we don’t want to hear excuses and justifications, we do not want Lingerie football in Australia, America can have it.
    P.s. I’ve added this link to my page, Lily 🙂

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