One More Plug… Before I have to scrap the project (or postpone)

I have a survey that I had been planning to post the answers to during May and June… it is proving harder than I thought to find volunteers to answer the questions. I have barely the very bare minimum, and it would really make it easier to have more people. I am SO grateful to the people who have volunteered so far. Thank you. I promise, I have not forgotten you.

Let me show you part of the opening statement (teaser, woot!) so you understand WHY this is so Difficult, but important:

All questions were written prior to participants volunteering for interview. I did not know who would be interviewed. All participants volunteered, rather than being selected to interview.

Now, by that I mean personally selected. You’re ALL invited to be interviewed!! But I can’t send a message to 52 of my facebook friends saying ‘will you do this interview?’ because I would be affecting (slanting) the results if I did, even unintentionally. It’s Fine if people I know, or whose blogs I read, or who’ve followed me on Twitter, (or utter strangers, forwarded this plea by those who do follow the blog) all sign up. It’s also fine if people who do not consider themselves feminist volunteer. Totally. You’ll be accepted.

Email:  or if you are reading this from facebook, you can message me there. Just don’t volunteer on my wall, I want volunteers to be anonymous.
I’m feeling good about being persistent!

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