NOMAS -Nat’l Org. for Men Against Sexism

NOMAS came to my attention via this blog post:

Thank you freedomfrompornculture!

Their ‘pro-feminism‘ section is a necessary read.

“However, feminist theory is not only about understanding but also about action. A goal of the feminist project is to end the oppression of women and attain social equity for them…..It is crucial for men to be a part of feminist agency. If feminism is to attain its goal of liberating women, men must be a part of the struggle.”

“Sexism negatively impacts men by forcing them into a hyper-masculinity which engages high-risk behavior and limits their emotional expression as full human beings. However, regardless of these and other secondary effects of sexism, men still benefit from patriarchy (the social system of sexism) whether or not they choose to fight sexism in others or themselves. Women, and feminists in particular, face the damaging primary effects of sexism and the wrath of patriarchal society whenever they resist their subjugated social role and often even when they don’t.”

“Many women know they are oppressed by patriarchy. They have the life experiences of belonging to an oppressed group and have most likely shared personal stories that reveal their wounds from patriarchy. Men, on the other hand, are less likely to recognize their gender privilege and probably have not shared stories of wounding women through their own oppressive behaviors nor have they grieved with other men over the harm they have caused to women. ”

Check it out. Their list of task groups encompasses:

Child Custody
Eliminating Racism
Ending Men’s Violence
GLBT Affirmative
Homophobia & Heterosexism
Men, Culture & Art
Men’s Health & Mental Health
Men & Prisons
Men & Spirituality
Men’s Studies Association
Pornography & Prostitution
Reproductive Rights
Sexual Harassment

I’m feeling good about Men Against Sexism!


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