Get Down, PSA!!

Before you and your partner of 20 years exchange diamond necklaces and carry on in the hot tub (yes, I think I’m amusing), read this post:

A long-time friend of mine, Melanie, contributes to the blog ‘Get Down: PSA’. As part of my support of other people’s wonderful projects that promote women’s well-being, I am featuring one of Melanie’s insightful posts, so you can get an idea of just how safe sex is intrinsically linked to women and our needs:

Get Down: PSA advocates awareness regarding safe sex and getting tested, and the above post in particular really drives home how antifeminist culture contributes to the spread of HIV.

Such an important topic!!! Go read!! (then come back and finish reading my post.)

In her words, Melanie joined the staff of ‘Get Down: PSA’  “to get some writing and research experience outside of an academic context. I like the work because HIV/AIDS prevention is important and has so many related issues that I can explore- topics that are particularly interesting to me and offer my own opinions.”

She would like to see a larger audience for the blog! So go read!!


2 thoughts on “Get Down, PSA!!

  1. Thanks for sharing her post. It was highly insightful, and a good tool to foster conversations about feminism and other forms of activism with others. I especially appreciated her steps to change things.

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