Equality for “Minorities”

I call you, impassioned, all those considered ‘minority’, to stand united.

Women, who make up 50.8% of the United States population(1)

Homosexual (LGBT) people, for whom census data is skewed, as it relies on reporting of relationship status, which would not record people who are not partnered, are afraid of admitting their orientation, or are in the dating stage of relationship. (2, 3)

Non-‘white’ people, my math says: 85,192,273 out of 308,745,538 people=~27.59% (4)   Though page 3 states that in 2000 there was an error of an extra 1 million people. (5) One million?

My call is this: When one of us is shoved aside, not listened to by those in power, held back in a job where we are qualified to advance, bullied, called unpleasant names, injured, denied medical care, denied equal rights: ALL of us speak out. ALL of us point out and denounce the injustices. We are no lower class citizens. We deserve to be nurtured and nourished. We deserve an equal or greater wage.

We must treat one another as we want to be treated, because if we display the message that it’s ok to treat one of us ‘minorities’ badly, then we will all be treated badly. Anytime there is an excuse made, ‘oh she isn’t good enough- she’s a woman.’ ‘oh he probably is guilty- he’s black.’ ‘don’t let him/her near me- he/she is gay,’ we ALL need to get up and fight. I don’t care who it is saying it. Tell them “that kind of talk about people makes me uncomfortable.” Tell them it’s against your beliefs to say bad things about other people. Tell them “I never expected to hear something like that coming from you.” Tell them it’s discrimination, or it’s wrong, or that they must be very fearful to make such a statement.

THINK about it next time someone makes a comment stereotyping, dissing, insulting, pointing fingers. YOU are responsible to speak for women, for homosexual men and homosexual women, for transsexual people, for other ‘races’, for people who ‘don’t look white’.

We can’t, as revolutionaries, as people who desire equality, discriminate that we will accept other gay women, but not bisexual ones. We can’t accept African Americans if we don’t accept Latino-African-Americans. And we can’t accept women if we don’t accept women who were born with male bodies, and yet identify as women. These intrinsic internal qualities are often mistaken for ‘choices.’ I have never yet met a gay/lesbian/queer/bisexual person who said their sexual orientation was a personal choice. I have never yet met someone who told their parents to sleep together so they could be born multiracial. I have never yet met someone who chose to undergo SRS surgery unnecessarily, instead of as an integral part of their being and identity as human.

All of these identities are good ways to be. All that separates us from co-existing is fear.

I am a tan/peach colored, LGBT-identifying, female, of mixed European heritage, and I am proud to support your identity. Whoever you are.

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2 thoughts on “Equality for “Minorities”

  1. I love this post. I know so many times I’ve stayed silent, whether it’s about me or about someone else. Each day, I’m taking small steps to speak up and trust myself when I hear or experience injustice.

    Your post/blog gives me inspiration to keep speaking up and to try harder. Thank you!

    • Thank you!! I’m so glad to hear that.

      Trust your intuition and follow its guidance. Such action feeds your intuition for the future. The book ‘Women Who Run With the Wolves’ taught me that!

      Thank you for reading, I hope to hear from you again.

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