Carnism: Let’s Shift Consciousness, Shall We?

Carnism. What’s that? Like any dominant ideology, it’s a widely accepted belief that few choose to question. If I were to question another dominant ideology, why aren’t there websites on ‘Men’s Rights’? Well, because ‘everyone knows’ that [straight], [white] men have all the rights they could ever want! So what is carnism?

Carnism is the ideology that it’s

  • natural
  • normal
  • necessary

… eat meat and animal products. Actually, it’s quite possible to live well on a healthy plant-based diet. I quote, from the website of Melanie Joy, Ph.D.:

Carnism is the invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat (certain) animals. Carnism is essentially the opposite of vegetarianism or veganism; “carn” means “flesh” or “of the flesh” and “ism” denotes a belief system. Most people view eating animals as a given, rather than a choice; in meat-eating cultures around the world people typically don’t think about why they find the meat of some animals disgusting and the meat of other animals appetizing, or why they eat any animals at all. But when eating animals isn’t a necessity for survival, as is the case in the majority of the world today, it is a choice – and choices always stem from beliefs.

So how does this further relate to feminism?

It relates to our health (spread of disease, added toxic chemicals such as arsenic and ammonia… follow the link and read– SO interesting). It relates to our integrity: we humans are not violent beings, and it takes much numbing of feelings to slaughter and then to divorce the ‘it was a live animal’ thought from our food. As it relates to animals: “… millions of females are forcibly impregnated in “rape racks” throughout the course of their lives. ” How did you think it was done? I didn’t think about it at all until now. I suppose I imagined a peaceful pasture, to tell the truth. Those cows do not naturally give birth regularly enough to meet the demands of this country for thousands/millions of burgers, steaks, stew meat, leather jackets, etc. No peaceful pasture.

I seriously urge you to consider and question the ideas you were raised with in regard to eating meat. Look up information from multiple perspectives. Understand that simply because a certain meat or other food has something ‘good for you’ IN it (protein, antioxidants, omegas), that doesn’t mean everything in that food is good for you. Eating fish to obtain omegas in your diet seems like a good idea, until you learn that mercury is concentrated in fish, especially larger fish. Mercury exposure leads to seriously bad health effects, in some cases even death. So use your incredible mind; to think and look into what you’re putting in your body. Those who market meat to you have a stake in (no pun intended) whether you continue buying their meat or not. They have no stake in your health. You do.

Convinced you’d like to make some choices to change your diet? Even by just a little? Visit this website for guidance!

I’m feeling so good about a compassionate, healthy, plant-based diet!!


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