Phrases that drive me nuts, pt. 3

Pamper yourself.

Seriously? Who came up with this??

1. to treat with affectionate and usually excessive indulgence; coddle; spoil
2. Archaic To indulge with rich food; glut.
 [of Germanic origin; compare German dialect pampfen to gorge oneself]

Ah… Well then. This phrase is most often used (is it non-archaically used Any other way?) to tell women to indulge in a “beauty” treatment of some kind or a day at the spa. Essentially, ‘spend money!’ and ‘you’re not relaxed/pretty/polished enough!’

The first three results I get when I google ‘pamper’ are for diapers. Given the link between diapers and the word ‘pamper’, why does anyone persist in using the word when referring to anything about women? We’re adults and it just plain weirds me out.

Other than that, the US culture of excessively indulging applies to everything from spending money to eating food. Once again, I’m advocating healthy limits. People say ‘it’s nice to spoil yourself sometimes.’ I’ve found it actually more pleasant to participate in yoga, and to fast from certain worldly pleasures. I feel like a stronger person when I do, I feel the sunlight coursing through my being, the energy created by not lounging in sloth. I feel the passion of taking part in life.

Relaxing is nice, life wouldn’t be right without it. Action is awesome, and life cannot be complete without it. Repeat after me “Treat yourself well!” That’s a good replacement for this wacko phrase.

I’m feeling good about treating myself and others well.


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