Phrases that drive me nuts, pt. 2

‘A shoe collection that would make any woman cry’

This refers to a large collection of expensive and differentiated shoes, am I right?

Honestly, I would cry. But not because of envy or longing for the shoes. I would cry that she’d spent thousands of dollars on shoes, on something I consider a basic necessity. How many pairs of heels do I need? Well, none.

But I can see owning a pair of black dress shoes and one of white dress shoes, because sometimes I am invited to funerals and weddings.

Heels in particular, are what the statement refers to. Yet they cause health problems and pain. They encourage (though they do not cause) sexual advances because they’re seen as a ‘sexy’ shoe. Sometimes women wear heels and say “I wanted to feel sexy.” Is that true? Or is that what tv tells you? “You can feel sexy if you wear heels.” I feel sexiest in bare feet on the bare earth. High heels hurt my feet, my legs, my back, my neck…. when I wear them I feel like curling up in a ‘ball of me’ and sleeping off the pain!

So yes, it makes me cry that women waste thousands of dollars that could go here:


and more? Please post your ideas of ways to financially support women’s rights.

I am excited to see them!

I-am-Britta on deviantart, of Liam Kyle Sullivan


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