Do you wear makeup every day?

I know some women do, even since high school. I asked a friend about it, telling her she’s pretty and what’s the point? She could sleep another 30min at least, every day. For me, being able to sleep more would have been enough motivation for almost anything. She said because she went to school with boys, she had to wear makeup.

Three relevant points here:

Sexual Attraction being based on beauty is a myth– Whether or not there are other human beings around, being comfortable with yourself- and your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual imperfections- is a gift. It’s not an unattainable gift that you have to be born with or you’ll never have it, no. You can have this gift. Love yourself. Accept that you’re who you are and that you will change little by little. That’s sexy. Loving yourself as you are, that’s truly attractive.

Devaluing of women based on ‘beauty’– The premise given to women by this culture and generations of marketing is that we are not good enough if we are not the prettiest person in the room. That means 99% of us are doomed to fail on any given day, because only one person can be ‘the one prettiest’. That 99% may switch around depending on who’s in the room, but think about how it relates to attitude. A person’s success in life, it is often said, is based on their attitude toward themself. If you feel like the ugliest person in the room, or even ‘not good enough’ because you’re not ‘the prettiest’, you’re not going to try to succeed. Oddly enough though, women often pinpoint each other as the prettiest person in the room, and no one ends up feeling good about herself. We internalize that beauty is a competition, and therefore never satisfy ourselves with a ‘win’. Another interesting point is that ‘the concept of beauty‘ is akin to a hologram. Looks like it exists, but it doesn’t. I find a particular person absolutely beautiful and my best friend, whom I see eye-to-eye with aesthetically when it comes to all things that are not human, disagrees utterly.

Marketing– Companies want our money, so they tell us we’re ugly. But we can be beautiful! If we give them our money and wear makeup in a certain design and color. WHY do you think makeup trends change so frequently? They get enough people to buy a certain style of makeup and then change what’s ‘in style’, to continue making money. They don’t do it because we’re actually ugly, they do it because if we’re convinced we need makeup in order to leave the house, they make lots of money.

I’m feeling beautiful today!!! I hope you are, too.


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