Happy New Year!

I’m a little late on the new years wish, I know. But I’ve been sick and I don’t use ….technology…. when I’m sick.

So! I found a great post on Miss Representation’s tumblr, and I must share. The opening and closing I included within quotes, the rest is a summary, and you should REALLY read the WHOLE ARTICLE here because it gives really awesome links for how to actually put these goals into practice.

K. Sujata for the Huffington Post suggests woman-positive goals for the new year.

She begins by recommending that rather than set a goal to ‘lose weight’ or ‘work out more,’ we women make the decision to Love our bodies. Love Your Body Day, a project of the National Organization for Women (or NOW) outlines what it is about the media that tells women to dislike our bodies. Most importantly, it tells us what we can do to change the negativity into positivity!!

She discusses difficulties for women in advancing our careers, highlighting that we need to take credit for our achievements!! (or someone else will claim them… happens all the time)

She encourages us all to remove phrasing that is degrading and belittling to women from our vocabularies. Quit saying ‘bitches’, ‘whore’, ‘slut’. Quit using the phrase ‘like a girl’ to mean a bad thing.

My personal favorite recommendation she makes is for women to become knowledgeable about money. Spend less, save for retirement, and bolster your confidence in your future by knowing how to manage your money wisely.

Donate money and volunteer time to organizations that benefit women. ❤

“I hope these resolutions inspire you to have a wonderful 2012 — for yourself and all the women and girls in your family, community and world. Give yourself a high five and then get to work!”

I value this article and its sage advice. Thanks K. Sujata!!!


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