Amazing Women Rock

The title says it all. I like this website‘s slogan “Don’t be good. Be Amazing.” It calls to mind the quote “Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History.”

I see this as a call to women who feel contained by societal norms. It doesn’t so much have to do with ‘laws’ nor ‘rules’, it’s all about what you feel is acceptable to do in a social setting, and how that relates to who you are personally.

If no one is making a comment that you feel needs to be made, say it and don’t apologize. So many times have I heard women make a comment, which was obvious to everyone in the room, and then say “I don’t know. Just my opinion.” Honey, it’s your observation! You know. You do. Everyone who didn’t observe as you did is mentally thanking you. Everyone who is mentally thanking you ought to speak up and say ‘thank you for pointing that out, you’re insightful.’

Value women who Do speak up, who Are amazing, who don’t ‘behave’ for the sake of fitting in.

This goes for all you women who feel like you’re not enough by being yourself: YOU ARE ENOUGH. If you’re shy, be shy. If you don’t like parties, don’t go. If acting a certain way that seems ‘cool’ makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t act that way. Why be someone you think people will ‘like’, when that looks fake and is obvious to everyone? I’ve tried it- it didn’t work for me. Be yourself, and you may not be someone people always ‘like’ but you will be someone people can know enough about to love.



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