My Mission and Yours

My message here is absolutely, 100%, to do something. I want women to speak up, to promote young girls learning how to be leaders and to think constructively and creatively, to not accept negative nor positive stereotypes! I want women to say ‘yes, I want to go back to school/work/artistic expression/community service’ and to DO so, ignoring whatever fear of failure we have.

My Main Goal in writing this blog is to open feminism to a wider audience. I want the people who are happy with most aspects of their lives to say ‘ok, how do I achieve the respect I deserve when I’m in a committee meeting and the men in this meeting are not listening to women’s ideas, and the women have stopped speaking up?’ I want the people who fight for women’s rights in really rough settings every day to say ‘ok, when I get home I am taking a warm bath and nourishing my spirit by calling my mother.’ And I want the people who are disheartened and say ‘I have no mission in life. I wish I could create. I have never had a cause I supported with all my heart,’ to have a cause to support with their whole heart, a mission of personal empowerment, with the end goal being solidarity. A common purpose that unites us. I support you, with my whole heart, because I have been there, too.

I hope to post several opportunities and ideas for women to act, to own power, encouragement for our futures, and our daughters and their friends.

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