“Who Run the World? Women”

So, I believe women and men are fundamentally equal. However, in no way are we portrayed as equal, socially or societally. I’m commenting on Beyonce’s music video, and I will start off by saying, it has good points. There are wonderfully positive qualities to simply stating that women are powerful. So, ‘Who Run the World? Girls!’ is not a bad thing in and of itself. And yet, it is not enough. Check out the awesome testimony of nineteenpercent.

Now I’m going to make a few points, coupled with your viewing of this video (before and/or after I make my points)

Women are often equated to sex and fashion symbols, which remains the case for Beyonce’s video where the women are shown in revealing and highly fashionable, couture clothing. One of hers truly’s outfits even flashes a little of her breast. Not only that, but the dance includes nearly humping the floor, crawling through a man’s legs, and other sexually suggestive movements. These are typical dance moves for this genre of music (pop/hip-hop/r&b). Do I have a problem with sex? No. Do I have a problem with women being sex’s constant representatives whether we like it or not? You better believe I do, honey! And even more so, I have a problem with women crawling on the floor below men; it’s so degrading. Why don’t men crawl, if it’s so attractive?

The content of the song and video encourages women to manipulate men by using sex to get money and other things we want. I believe we’re stronger than that. I refuse to manipulate anyone to get what I want. I have more dignity.

There are tons of women behind Beyonce, yet the two backup dancers beside her at the beginning are both men. Women could have done the dancing and footwork just as well as those men did.

The song was written by Beyonce and 5 men, and produced by Beyonce and 3 men. It is cool she has a hand in the production of her videos, and that with her album ‘4’ she has begun to manage her own career. I love seeing that.

For Lyrics:

In my critique of this video, I’m in no way opposed to there being men in it. That would be absurd and unkind. Aside from that, when someone puts forth an ‘us vs. them’ message, rhetorically it is effective to show both ‘sides’. By reading the lyrics and watching the video, it becomes clear that this song is indeed a statement of opposition of the sexes. Personally, I find the ‘girls against boys’ idea to be debilitating to equal rights for all, and certainly undermining to respect for other humans.

(Sidenote: ‘girls vs. boys’ got me a black eye at the tender age of 7, when I honestly had more friends on the boys’ side. I don’t endorse fighting. And I despise peer pressure.)

Feeling good about non-violent resistance,



One thought on ““Who Run the World? Women”

  1. I love her passion, and that she’s advocating doing something. This youtube vid is DIRECTLY relevant to my post, big thank you to @Zeinabaahmed for directing me to it. She makes so many good points, ones that I didn’t make. So please watch!

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