Views on Marriage (from a man about to be married!!)

I recently had the opportunity to interview two good friends of mine, male and female, regarding some of their views on marriage and feminism. The commonality between these two is that they are recently engaged, to be married sometime in fall 2012, and they have positive views on feminism. Perhaps like some of you, they didn’t always feel this way, so read on!

The following is an interview with Alejandro, a male feminist who is feeling good about getting married in 15 months. We met 5 years ago, while acting at a local haunted house attraction. I was lucky to spot him in the wilds of Facebook chat for an interview.

Me: Can I interview you now?

Dro: You can try. I’m an elusive creature.

Me: Hahaha. You recently got engaged! Congratulations. Who proposed to whom?

Dro: Thank you, I’m excited. I proposed to her.

Me: Would you like to generally describe how the proposal went? obviously she said yes

Dro: it wasn’t all that exciting a story, I didn’t get down on one knee or anything. It actually came up in conversation, then later we went to buy the ring together.

Me: Had you ever discussed [your engagement] before?

Dro: yes, we had. and I somehow convinced a woman said she had no intention of ever getting married to say yes when i proposed.

Me: What appeals to you about marriage?

Dro: the sanctity of the commitment to each other

Me: Where did your concept of what marriage will be like come from?

Dro: not sure

Me: How many guests do you plan to invite?

Dro: I think we’re at 40 invites

Me: And you’ve been together for a few years?

Dro: that sounds about right

Me: Is your wedding more for the two of you or for family and friends to see or both? why?

Dro: it’s for me mainly, maybe her too, yeah, I’ll say for her too

Me: How do you feel about feminism?

Dro: I think it’s fine. I’m all for women doing what they want so long as they don’t force others. I mean, a feminist shouldn’t try to make a woman who wants to be a housewife a career-woman and she shouldn’t look down on her either.

Me: How would you define feminism?

Dro: a woman empowered to choose her own way of life

Me: If your fiance is having a rough day, how would you react?

Dro: I try to determine if she needs space or someone to let off steam to.

Me: Do you hope to one day have children?

Dro: Yes, ma’am.

Me: What is your next step right now?

Dro: wedding planning, finishing school, and finding real work

Me: Why did you choose this time to get engaged?

Dro: If not now? then when? it seemed right and still does

Me: What do you think of the marriage amendment recently passed in New York?

Dro: I think it’s great. I see nothing wrong with equality among marriage.

Blessings on you my friends, Mazel Tov, y tenga un casamiento feliz!


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