One Body, One Spirit

Women’s spirituality is something I am feeling oh-so-good about today!

Godde is how I spell the concept indicating we are guided and guarded and endlessly loved by a power greater than ourselves.

Remember that time someone told you God is male? How did it make you feel?

“Religious institutions have transformed the male conception of Deity into a wrathful being whose followers have wiped out entire civilizations and destroyed hundreds of cultures;…a God whose representatives have repeatedly stated that Deity is not female and that women cannot possibly achieve a rapport with the Divine to the extent that they should be allowed to be priests; a male Deity ruling over a male-oriented world in which men have long used religion as an excuse to dominate, subdue and abuse women.
-Cunningham, 1993

For me, I felt confused; “then where is my mother? when will she come into the story?” And for 17 years, I was told my Godde-mother was inferior to my Godde-father in some ways. At 17, I knew I wanted to be a priestess one day and that is still true today. I came to believe that all are One, unified in Deity’s love, and since we are all so connected it makes absolutely no sense to segregate male from female Godde energy! For where Deity is conceived of as only male, are Godde’s nurturing aspects emphasized? Men do nurture, certainly. And women are powerful. Women can create an entire universe.

Another exceptional quote exhibits the non-gendered nature of Godde:

“Nature also shows you that the Divine is not just masculine and feminine but beyond gender. That grass, the air, the water, and the rocks are neither male nor female, but are all sacred.”
(Curott, 2001)

I am grateful for a Godde I can connect with, and through this love, connect with all the world.


One thought on “One Body, One Spirit

  1. Reblogged this on the dark and the light and commented:

    Reblog: written over a year ago, for my feminist blog. 🙂 Once again a relevant issue in my life and my mind. I can connect with Godde, and I’m searching for other people who connect in a similar way. I would like to be part of a community who say ‘she’ as often as ‘he’, if not more often, when referring to the Divine. I would like this community to be positive, loving, thoughtful individuals. It would be great if they enjoy dancing, singing, and art, and have similar ideals of what’s proper behavior. So mote it be. ❤

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