Epic quest for strong women in films

Can you think of a film where a strong woman doesn’t wear sexy clothes?

I have wished for years to make films which show women dressed in real clothes, not lycra or leather or latex with lots of skin showing. Women are ‘controlled’ in the film industry in this way, sexually objectified so that our ideas and thoughts are subverted. “Who cares what she’s saying, look at her!” It is predictable that a woman with strong ideas and powers will be shown in a costume that is revealing or sexual directly related to the extent of her power.

However, this is not true of real women! We wear what we feel comfortable in. We have amazing amounts of power. And each woman holds power regardless of how she is dressed. Having personal power does not equate to having power Over anyone, thus, you need not be afraid of the power which each woman inherently and eternally owns.

Can you think of a movie where the main character (female) does not get together with a man/woman by the end, or, for that matter isn’t searching for a relationship at all?

I wish for films like this, where women embark on epic quests which are unrelated to romance, and where a happy ending does not necessitate a marriage/hook-up/kiss/new relationship. Relationships are a lot of work, they are not the ending of our journey. Films portray the quest for romantic relationship as a nearly insurmountable hurdle. This portrayal sets up the unsuspecting viewer for serious disappointment when a relationship comes into play in their own life. Suddenly, there are disagreements and roadblocks, mere differences of opinion make it seem as if we are being sent back to the ‘questing’ stage, where there were challenges.

Reality of relationships is that however easy or difficult they are to begin, each step along the way offers some sort of compromise, challenge, disappointment, reward. There is no ‘final reward for excellent achievement in the relationships category’ as So many popular films make it seem. The rewards may be small, but as individual problems are worked through, individual rewards exist all along the way.

Have you succeeded in locating any films with strong female characters who are not motivated by romantic relationship?

I found something close to it in the mini-series ‘Tin-Man’, which adequately portrays a female lead character on an epic quest.  The series is unfortunately and ironically named for one of the male supporting characters! That aside, this quest embarked on by an updated Dorothy of OZ played by Zooey Deschanel, is a quest for family togetherness and the destruction of evil forces. Finally! The female main character surmounts obstacles without a romantic relationship as motivation. It’s totally a B movie, but very worth watching.

My favorite line is : “My life is a LIE!” for its sheerly hilarious B-movie charm.

Strong Woman M.dot

4 thoughts on “Epic quest for strong women in films

  1. Yeah, not every movie should have to pass the Bechdel test, but it is unfortunate that so many do not, and its criteria do not preclude misogynism by any means.

    Nuns, british monarchs, Clarice Starling, and Ellen Ripley come to mind. 🙂

    Also I recommend Shion Sono’s films (Strange Circus and Noriko’s Dinner Table in particular).

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