Just WHO am I?

Hello! Welcome to my blog ‘Feeling Good About Feminism’. I hope you choose to follow this blog and see how it grows and matures over time. It’s gonna be fun.

I am a 25 year old woman, and I scrapped the rest of what I wrote about myself to tell you what I’m really like. I know what I want, I prefer to speak in a straightforward manner. I have been taught to be polite and good. My mind is often absorbed in artistic pursuits. I love children, and I hope someday to raise my own or adopt. I can be very funny, however, I prefer to be taken seriously when writing about topics I have passion for. I dislike films which portray men as dominant over women, or portray women as mindless/sex objects. I think about gender often, and I know I’m not the only one who does.

I created this blog because I have so many thoughts about women’s rights and gender, that my mind keeps spilling over into conversations. I would like to have one big Respectful conversation about feminism and gender with everyone I know, at one time. All gathered in a room, this would be quite impossible. However, the power of the internet allows a quiet and speedy conversation with everyone who can access the internet. It’s a start!

Stick with me friends, because I’m feeling good about feminism!



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